Lift Our Voices: Julie Roginsky

Julie Roginsky, a political strategist and television personality, spoke with Dr. Richard Lee's Media and Democracy class on March 17, 2021. Julie was a Fox News Channel on-air contributor who sued Fox, Roger Ailes and Bill Shine, alleging sexual harassment. She is one of the women portrayed in Bombshell, a 2019 movie about women at Fox who set out to expose Ailes for sexual harassment. Today, she is one of the principals of Lift Our Voices, an organization that describes itself as “a nonprofit initiative dedicated to creating positive, systemic change in the American workplace through the eradication of nondisclosure agreements for toxic work issues and mandatory arbitration clauses.” More details are in Julie’s bio. A recording of her comnversation with Dr. Lee and his students is below.

Last modified: Saturday, March 20, 2021, 11:50 PM